Short Note: Post About Jewish Studies in Berlin

I just wanted to say that I took that last blogpost off the blog, because I cannot publish anything here, in my blog, before its “official” publication in a normal, traditional journal and/or presentation at a conference! I should have thought about this before, of course, but well…so my apologies.

If you have more questions, suggestions, critique etc. please feel free to contact me in private (via facebook or mail). It is important to have that conversation.

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3 Responses to Short Note: Post About Jewish Studies in Berlin

  1. I am not sure what your rule about your posts being first officially published is about. I thought this post was excellent and a much needed piece to be available. I hope you will reinstate it soon.

  2. Qu says:

    Someone should translate it into german, it’s worth the money for a professional. and then make it public (even as guest writer at some jewish german magazin) so the JEWS should be aware of it.

  3. Sorry for the late response, Sylvia Rothschild and Qu.
    @Sylvia Rothschild, the blog-post was a “paper” for an academic conference/summer-school, and one has to present original unpublished work for this. So I removed it from my blog, reworked it, presented it, and now am thinking about what to do further. However, the original blog-post was copy-pasted by the School’s emissaries and distributed via fb. It is not “lost,” in this sense.
    @Qu: Most people here actually know English, I think. Re:German-Jewish magazines…difficult. It’s too sensitive an issue, and it appears to me that most people to whom it is relevant read it in any case.

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