Dear readers,

After two years, Mandolina has decided to go on an extended vacation.

In part, there are practical considerations: Writing a blog is really time-consuming and a difficult thing to do as a young mother. It is a lots a lots of work, and the reason I have embarked upon this nonetheless is, in large part, due to the constant encouragement, critique and appreciation of diverse readers. Clapping myself on the shoulders now, I also believe that there do not exist many platforms that ask questions about contemporary usages of narratives such as the “Jewish revival” in Germany, its actors, its political context, anti-Muslim racism, “new” Germany’s self-image and so on. My vacation then is absolutely not due to over-saturation or a feeling of “having done my work here,” having “accomplished something.” Quite the opposite.

I think that with every day that passes, these subjects become more and more urgent. Therefore, my plan (or at least, my intention) is to place the blog’s themes into non-bloggish contexts: Not to marginalize my work through framing it as blog-posts, as random “personal” reflections, but as research, born out of personal, acute experiences and interests, but grounded in theoretical frameworks that go much beyond this. I am not sure at all if this is going to work out, and to be sure: I will not abandon this little ship here – just post with much less frequency.

Thank you all for two years of walking with Mandolina, who is not (yet) president, but who knows who knows…the times they are a changin’

Hannah aka Mandolina




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