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On the Legibility and Categorization of Vulnerability in Post-Holocaust Germany

In an article published 1996 in “The New Yorker,” the paper’s columnist covering Europe, Jane Kramer, describes herself strolling through the streets of Schöneberg, a quiet, residential neighborhood in the Western part of Berlin. While walking Kramer takes notice of … Continue reading

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The Dangers of a Remote Past: A Re-Visit of the “Spiegel History-Controversy”

The German magazine Spiegel History published a special issue earlier this month on the “History of Jewish Life in Germany.” The issue roughly covers the 11th century until now. It features medieval communities in the Rhineland, pogroms, the Christian anti-Judaism … Continue reading

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Sending my daughter to an “orthodox kindergarten”

We were sitting in a small café. It was freezing cold outside, and a mixture of students and residents of this local upper-class, slightly villagishy suburb bumped into the café to warm up – the café looked like every café, … Continue reading

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Erinnerungen an eine andere “Kippa-Demonstration”

Vor ein paar Jahren, ich glaube es war 2013, stand ich zusammen mit vielleicht 30 anderen Leuten im Nieselregen vor dem Rathaus Neukölln. Ich war damals Co-Organisatorin einer Demonstration, die sich gegen das Neutralitätsgesetz an staatlichen Schulen richtete, sprich: es … Continue reading

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Jakob Augsteins Kommentar und das “Kippa-Experiment”

Am 18. April, kurz nach dem Angriff auf einen Kippa-tragenden Israeli, twitterte Jakob Augstein einen Kommentar, der schnell ein Welle der Empörung nach sich zog. Augstein, so hieß es, definiere das Tragen einer Kippa als eine Provokation; Juden sollten die … Continue reading

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“Welcome to Jerusalem” in the Jewish Museum Berlin: Ideas, Reflections, Questions

Almost every exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin, both its temporary exhibitions and the former now-to-be-replaced permanent exhibition, is structured along identical lines: The three so-called “world-religions” each occupy one segment, and in each segment the respective religion’s “view on” … Continue reading

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On Modern Warfare

The following is a long quote of Talal Asad, in Formations of The Secular. Christianity, Islam, Modernity, Stanford University Press: 2003, p 116-118. The key-sentence is this: “Human life is sacred, but only in particular contexts that the state defines.” … Continue reading

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