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Unruly Religion

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a panel discussion about “discrimination on religious grounds.”[1] At the end of the discussion, someone in the audience asked me whether I had experienced a rise of anti-Semitism during the past months. … Continue reading

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Das Spiel mit der Angst

Seit einigen Wochen schon schwelt die Anti-Willkommenskultur-Backlash-Debatte. Der Plot läuft ungefähr so: Nachdem unsere emotional agierenden Kanzlerin Flüchtlinge „willkommen“ hieß, und diese gleich einer „Lawine“ unsere schöne Kulturnation überrollten, müssen nun die Männer der CDU-CSU wieder Ordnung, Sinn und Verstand … Continue reading

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“Jews are often viewed as symbols of all persecuted peoples: honoring lost Jews and their annihilated world can become a means of demonstrating democratic principles and multicultural ideals, regardless of how other contemporary minorities are treated, be they Turks, Roma, … Continue reading

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A White Plain with Black Spots. About Jews, Muslims, Europe and “Civilization”

I. To the mainstream German mind, the world is a white plain upon which black spots struggle against one another. The Germans watch from above, give good advice – but the black spots don’t get it, and this is because … Continue reading

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