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A Name to Hide. On philo-Semitic Desires, Subjugation and Recognition

Strategies of Shaming It is slightly weird, but a certain institution, that describes itself as educating “Rabbis for Europe,” consistently refers to me as Christine Steuer-Tzuberi, all the time, again and again, determined and systematically. In the beginning, this provoked … Continue reading

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Why is Nobody Here Talking About Conversions?

First, a disclaimer: There are many good reasons not to speak about one’s own conversion. It is an individual legitimate choice, it is private and nobody’s business, and in halakhic terms, a converted Jew is bound by all obligations and … Continue reading

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Secular Israelis in Liberal Synagogues in Berlin

A few weeks ago, I read an article, published in an Israeli newspaper that described the author’s great joy about joining one of Berlin’s synagogues and witnessing the opening of the Torah Ark. The synagogue to which the author referred … Continue reading

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Three Men Walk into a Mikwe

Victimization does not empower me A couple of month ago, Rabbi Freundel, a rabbi from Washington D.C., lost his job. He had clandestinely peered at female converts, while they were preparing for their immersion in the mikwe (a pool for … Continue reading

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